Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why causes Tension and Happened it

Tension happened and Causes

Here is some question about tension. That how can you present your ideas?

  • What is Tension (2 sentences)
  •        Consequences of tension of seen in the reality(2 sentences)
  •          Cause of tension (Financial, family related, work stress, illness, social insecurity –( 5 Sentences)
  •         What can be done to combat tension? 2/3 sentence)

  •         Tension can be thought of as a severe disappointment, resulting in depression.
  •          It makes a man mentally weak. It makes him eventually physically weak. As a result, he loses all interest in work and loses his mental stamina.
  •        The most important cause of tension in our society is perhaps, severe poverty or lack of employment. It may arise from family dissatisfaction. It may arise from too much pressure of work. It may arise from continued physical illness. It may arise from social insecurity in regard to marriage, dowry, lack of security of life and money. There are other causes too.
  •         To combat tension simultaneous actions need to be taken on the part of the government, society, and the individual. Ultimately and psychologically, tension is the absence of the peace of mind. So mind control can also be helpful in removing tension. Thanks for Reading.