Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Favorite Book name Is Hamlet by Shakespeare

  •          The name of the book; the author’s name.
  •      In what class of books does it fall? (Novel, poetry, drama, science, friction, book of short          stories, article, philosophy etc.)
  •      What is it favorite to me?
  •          A concluding remark

My favorite book is Hamlet; the most popular and well-known play written by Shakespeare about four hundred years ago.

It is a classical play.

It is hard to say in short why it is a favorite book to me. It is a difficult book. So the answer must also be difficult. Still, I give some reason.

Perhaps it is one of the very few books of fiction in which extremely different type of characters has been sketched on one plane.
The mental university of Hamlet, the protagonist, suffers from a continuous decay as if he were in a cosmic chaos. As time passed by, he passes through different dimensions of psychological reality.
The play itself contains plays, which acts as a containing, in turn, the whole image of the overall play. In this play, the arithmetical rule ‘part is smaller than the whole is destroyed, and the contrary is established: the part is greater than the whole.

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The play has beauty in form, in meaning, in rhetoric.

It is universal---unbounded by time, society, cult or ideology.