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Teaching Department of English Northern University Bangladesh Spring 2012

Objectives of the Course

Teaching practicum is a graduate level course, often in a specialized field of study (here ELT), that is designed to give students supervised the practical application of a previously or concurrently studied theory. Through critical reflection and application, participants will be able to enrich their personal growth and professional development in teaching and learning, applying the skills they learn in classes in the form of workshops. A student will get the opportunity to work with faculty members demonstrating exemplary teaching skills and active, engaged classrooms.

Distribution of Marks Continuous Assessment Class Test I10 Class Test II10 Attendance and Class Participation10Teaching Practicum Teaching in the Classroom 30 Teaching in the Undergraduate Classes 40 Total 100

General Outline of the Course

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The class will consist of a series of workshops on different aspects of teaching in general, and English language teaching in particular, in the classroom as is shown in the table below. Two class tests will be held at two different stages of the workshops. Then students will start practicing teaching in the classroom made up of the course instructor and other participants of the course. At the end, each participant will have a take a class in any one of the undergraduate classes of the university.
Sequence of the Classes/Workshops

Day Contents Remarks

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1. Introduction to Teaching Practicum
2. Teaching the language: the ‘What’: Pronunciation
3. Teaching the Language: the ‘What’: Grammar
4. Teaching the Language: the ‘What’: Vocabulary
5. Teaching the Language: the ‘How’: Listening
6. Teaching the Language: the ‘How’: Speaking
7. Teaching the Language: the ‘How’: Reading
8. Teaching the Language: the ‘How’: Writing
9. Lesson Planning
10. Classroom Interaction
11. Giving Feedback
12. Classroom discipline clear he'd Differences: Motivation and Interest, Young and Older Learners, Large Heterogenous Classes
Course Instructor

Md. Mijanur Rahman
Senior Lecturer in English
Northern University Bangladesh
Cell Phone: +8801716033684