Friday, September 25, 2015

Paragraph on Country Life and City Life

Since the creation of the universe, man has started living in groups, which finally formed or society. But with the development of civilization, man created a city. So man is living both in cities and villages. Cities have flourished but the importance of county life has not decreased. In this modern is the competitive world. Needs for city life have increased? S most of the facilities are still confined to the cities. 

The development of the society depends both on the development of the cities and villagers. If the city produces something, the village supplies them with the raw materials. In the cities, life is very busy and competitive and people live in the polluted environment. On the other hand, in the villages, the environment is very fresh and hygienic. Modern facilities are viable in the cities. Where most of the villages are bereft of modern facilities. 

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Still, for good medical facilities and higher degrees, people are to go to the cities. In the cities, people led a very artificial life in the big building. But in the villages, can lead simple life in the lap of nature as though nowadays, village politic has come out to be very laming. Despite some merits and demerits, both live have their charms and their charms depend on the individual interests. Balanced development can remove the gaps between two types of life largely.