Thursday, July 9, 2015

Essay on Environment Pollution in Many Causes and It's Effects

Environment pollution has become a serious problem for sustainable life on earth. Pollution is everywhere - in the air and in water, and the problem is so grave that is has already vanished many species of plants and fishes. Environment pollution is also acute in Bangladesh. Though the government is aware of and trying to control environmental pollution, the outcome is not up to the mark. Indeed, individuals need serious engagement to bring a suitable result.

Air and water are being polluted in different ways. Air is polluted by smokes from brick kilns, burning firewood and engines of vehicles. Water is polluted by the waste from industries. When dangerous chemical fertilizers are used in crop fields, these mixes with air and water pollute them. Horns of vehicles sound in mills and factories and construction work cause noise pollution.

The control of environmental pollution is not any an easy fast. In a poor country like Bangladesh, it is very difficult for the government alone to control environmental pollution. It requires individuals to play a bigger role alongside the government efforts.

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In the atmosphere of privatization, individuals own the bulk of the industries and trades. If the industrialists are conscious, many environmental hazards can be avoided. They should not throw the industrial garbage to water or in open place; rather they may recycle the waste or put them into the ground or burn them. In case they have to dump wastes in land or water, these must be treated well so as not to pose any health hazard to the public. They should check emissions of black smokes to minimize are pollution.
Vehicles are also responsible for air pollution. So, the owners of trucks, buses, cars, etc. should take care that the engines do not emit poisonous fumes. Similar catkins should be taken in case of water vessels to avoid water pollution.

General people have big responsible for controlling environmental pollution. They should be friendly to the environment and should not cut trees indiscriminately. They need to be more conscious of the importance of cleanliness.

It is evident that the control of environmental pollution is a mammoth task. It is not enough for the government to fight against environmental pollution. Individuals need to take a greater role in this regard. But the government can play a role in making people aware of the danger of environmental pollution and the importance of maintaining a safe sound environment.

Essay on Environment Pollution 

Environment pollution is a great problem for the world. Air, water, and soil are the main elements of our environment. But every moment we are polluting these elements.

Air is an important element. Are pollute air by creating smoke a We make smoke by cooking food melting pitch burning brick etc. Again motel vehicles create huge smoke in the air. On the other hand, every day, we cut down more and more trees. It increases the amount of Carbide oxide in the air This creates a great harm to human beings.

Water is another imp Omit element of our environment. But we also pollute it. It can be polluted in Pollute in many ways. Industrial wastages are thrown in the river, canal and pond water. Ever ocean is not free from pollution. Fishes and plants of water are in great danger.

Again we also pollute soil every day. We ace are cutting down trees. This causes soil pollution. Sometimes we throw plastic materials and poisonous things on the soil. They also pollute the soil.

We should take steps to stop pollution. The price of this serious pollution is death. we need to plant more trees to prevent pollution. We should not throw industry wastage directly to the water. 

Students have some duties to decrease pollution. They can plant trees near their houses. They also can advise people about the bad effects of pollution.

We need to save our environment. It Is important to our living. The government should take the necessary step to prevent pollution. Otherwise, it will bring a threat to us.