Sunday, June 14, 2015

Essay on Government Ownership of Television Broadcasting

Television is considered as an influential media of information and entertainment. It plays a role in considering viewers' social reality to an conveys compilations of everyday situations. Therefore, impartiality and authenticity are of utmost importance in television broadcasting. Only the independent or self-governed authority can ensure the standard.

To provide news and views, there are various popular media i.e. newspaper, magazine, radio, television, etc. But people get only day-old news and views from media other television. It is television which provides current news with motion picture by giving a real touch of reality. Moreover, in the era of dish culture, people are getting news of every moment with live picture on television.

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In the world of free flow of information, people are free to get news from every corner of the world. And in the backdrop of technological development people have more options to know. Every media is competing with one another to be first in the presentation of news and other affairs. To effectively compete with other Televisions and other media, it is required for television broadcasting to remain out of government ownership to avoid bureaucratic tardiness and complexity.

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Impartiality is important in television broadcasting. In a modern civilized Society, everybody deserves to know events in a free and fair manner. Under government control, television broadcasting becomes biased and partial. In our country most of the people are illiterate. They can neither road newspaper jot take advantage of Internet or other technical media. They highly depend on television. Hence, it should be free and fair here. All type of news should be broadcast objectively in details. But government ownership obstructs this normal flow.
In case of government ownership, Government may tend to exploit the opportunity. The government likes to uphold its own views and always tries to conceal its own weaknesses. The government something’s gets engaged in activities related to its own vested interest even if these actions to against public interests. During the time of public agitation, it seeks ways to hide the real facts. It uses television to talk about it by twisting information. Television can hardly avoid the government's will and become bound to work as a government spokesman. So government ownership consequently deprives people of the truth and misleads them. The authenticity of television is thus questioned, and the mass media loves change to serve the nation in its capacity. 

It is evident from the above argument that the concert of government ownership of television broadcasting is fallacious. Free and impartial flow of information is hindered under government intervention. The developed and first world countries are always aware of keeping television broadcasting under independent or self-governed authority. We should not be different from it.