Friday, May 29, 2015

Composition on The Birds of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a happy abode if different birds. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty, it has a great number of forests and trees. It's climate the very sweet. These help the bird to live here smoothly.

Kinds of Birds:

Outwardly birds are different in size, color, and nature. habit and activities, they are also classified as teasing birds, singing birds, tailor birds, plundering birds, game birds, domestic birds, migratory bird etc.
Birds in Bangladesh 
Note: In this post all the bird's name written in Bengali and English.

Some birds are called tailor because they build nests skillfully like an experienced tailor, The Sparrow, the Babui birds and the Tuntuniare familiar tailor birds in Bangladesh.

The birds which have a sweet voice are called singing birds. The cuckoo, the Doel, the Koel, the Baukathakao, the Shyma, the nightingale, the Bulbuli are our singing birds. They charm us with their sweet and melodious voice. The cuckoo is the most famous singing bird. It is heart singing in spring. The birds which are hunted for their tasty meat are called the game birds. Dove, the pigeon, the snipe, the heron, the partridge, and the Koel are the game birds. Their fleshes are tasteful. These birds are found almost all over the country.

There is some talking bird in our country. The Cockatoo, the parrot, and the Mayna are called taking birds. they can imitate human voice and tons correctly and easily. For this quality, man uses them as their friends.

The birds which tease us in different ways are called the teasing birds. The crow and kites are common birds among the teasing birds. The crow called the teasing birds. The crow and kites are common birds among the teasing birds. The crow is disliked for its nasty habits. It steals our foods. The kite often sweeps away chickens from the yard of our house. The harsh voice of this type of bird is also annoying.

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The nocturnal birds only come out at night. So. en can hardly see them. The owl and the bat are such types of birds. They mainly live on ripe fruits.

Every year in winter, Bangladesh is visited by some birds from northern countries or Siberia. They pass the days in joy in the rivers, Hawars and bold of this country. These birds are commonly called the migratory birds.

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The pigeon, the parrot, the Mayna etc may be tamed in our house. So they are called tame birds.


Birds are our good wealth. They are useful to us. They maintain a balance of health environment in nature. They contribute much to add beauty to nature in Bangladesh. So we should not kill them.