Friday, May 29, 2015

Composition on Tea or Tea as A Popular Drink


Tea is a kind of drink. It is prepared from tea leaves. It is the most popular drink nowadays. Almost all of us have tea once or twice a day.

Where grown/ producing area:

Tea grows well in the hilly places where rainwater cannot stand at all. It needs a hot and moist climate and heavy rainfall. It grows chiefly in China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Srilanka, and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, teas are grown in the hilly part of Sylhet and Chittagong.
Process of production/ How grown/ cultivation:

It needs strong sunshine and plenty of rainfall for growing tea. Seeds are sown in March. The tree plants are planted n rows from four to six feet apart. In the tea my favorite garden, they are allowed to grow three to four feet high.

When the tea plants are about four years old, two leaves and a bud are gathered to manufacture tea.
Plucking and process of manufacturing/ How to gather:

When tea plants are four years of age, leaves are plucked three or four times a year. The first plucking takes place in April, the second in June and third in July. The first plucking gives the finest tea.


After plucking, the green leaves are first dried in the on and roasted in the fire. Thus the leaves are ready for use and sale.

how prepared/ Preparation of the drink:

At first, water is boiled in a pot. Then tea dust is put into boiling water. After three or four minutes it is poured into a cup through a filter/ sieve. At last sugar and milk mixed with it. Thus it becomes a good drink.


Tea is a good and common drink. But it is a refreshing drink used all over the world. The important of tea in our national economy is also very great.