Saturday, May 30, 2015

Composition on Population Problem in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a small country. But is a burdened with a huge population? It is, in fact, one of the most populous countries in the world. So her population is now one of the greatest problems for her.

It causes:

There are many reasons why Bangladesh is acute population. Firstly, most of the people in Bangladesh are illiterate. They are not aware of family planning. They are also poor. So they bother a little about leading a planned life. Besides, due to social and religious superstitions, most of the people of Bangladesh are adverse to family planning.

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Its negative Impacts:

The population problem is, in fact, the root of many other national problems. Due to overpopulation, the need for habitation,  food and other things are getting higher and higher. It is quite impossible now to meet these demands, So food problem, health problem, Malnutrition environment pollution, poverty etc are certain consequences of the population problem.

It's remedy:

To develop our nation, there is no alternative to control the overgrowth of the population. To do so, first, we have to make the general mass aware of this problem. Mass media can play a very vital role in this regard. People have also to be free from social and religious superstitions. Family planning campaign should be strengthened. Family planning instruments should also be made more available. So the govt should take necessary initiatives to root out the problem as soon as possible.

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The population is a great hindrance to all our development efforts. So it must be controlled at any cost. The education and conscious ones alone with the govt should come forward to rooting out this serious national problem. Otherwise, no real progress can be materialized in our national arena.