Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Composition on My Native Village


I live in a splendid village. The name of my village is Pahar Paboyjan. It is in the Upazila of Muktagach under Mymensingh district. Its area is 5 square kilometer


The name of our village is beset with the natural flavor as it was once in the midst of forest area. Nowadays it becomes plans devoid of doewatland. With itself past beauty, even today its bear some outstanding characteristics. There is a small river named Barbarous that flows on the western part of the village. The river gets a charming look as it flows under the Madhupur Garh.

The house:

The house of our village looks like a garden house as most of the houses are closely bent with my favorite flower garden hobby. About eighty percent of houses are made of a Tin sheet. There are some houses made worn mid and thatched long wild grasses. Only one percent of houses are brick built.

The Inhabitants:

The inhabitants of My village mostly peasants and woodcutters. There are A Village Primary School, one high school, one satellite school, two madrasas, one community hospital and sub-post office in our village. About 60% of our village people are educated and there are university professors, doctors, teachers, and computer engineers.

Life standard:

Even though our village is far from the town, it has some of the amenities of  Composition on the wonder of modern science and life. There are facilities for electricity and brick built roads. There is also a village on the river bank where people from neighboring villages come for shopping. There is no scarcity of water in our village. There is a public library in our village where almost all kinds of books are available.


An Idea Village 

Actually, our village is an ideal one. We are fortunate that we have such a village that gives us mental serenity and shelter as well. We are proud of our native village.

The name of my village in Sultanpur. It is a beautiful Village. It is in Satkhira district. It is an old and famous village in my district.

More than four thousand people live in my village. They are of different communities and religions. Most of them are Muslims. Besides, there are Hindu people too.

There are good educational facilities in my village, especially female education. Almost all the people are educated. The people of my village are well aware of their children’s education. There are two primary schools, three kindergartens, two pre-cadet schools, one high school and one madrassah in my village. There are also a post office, a hospital and a union perished office in my village. There are two big mosques and two Widths in my village. There is also a temple in my village.

Most of the people in my village are service-holders. Some are businessmen. Some are farmers.

The communication system in my village is very good. Almost all. the roads are made of stone and coal. The Thana road. runs through our village. During the rainy season, the boat is used as an easy. manic: Of communication with other places.

My village is beautified with natural beauty. My village is full of trees. The village looks very charring at moonlit night.

The climate of our village is good for health. We have no want of pure drinking water. Fish, milk, meat, and vegetables are available here in plenty. So the villagers are healthy and active.
The people of my village are peace loving. They live in peace there. The villagers are hardworking and simple. They help each other in the face of danger. I am proud of my village.