Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Composition on Fruits of Bangladesh


Bangladesh has various gifts of nature. Fruits are one of the natural gifts. The suitable and climate help her to grow fifteenth kinds of fruits.

Variety/ Kinds of Fruits: 

There are many kinds of fruits in Bangladesh.  Fruits of different colors, sizes and tastes grow here. Some are big, some are small, some are sweet, some are sour and some are juicy.

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All season fruits:

There are some fruits which grow in all the season of the year, among those the banana, and the papaw, the guava, the lemon are the most popular.

The banana and the papaw are grown in all the district and all the seasons. Munsigonj and Narsingdi are famous for the banana.

The coconut is a common fruit in Bangladesh. Its water is a sweet drink and its kernel it a tasty food.

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Seasonal food:

The mango, the orange, the litchi, the blackberry, the jackfruits, the pineapple etc grow in different season.

The mango is the most remarkable fruits of Bangladesh. It is called the king of fruits. Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Chapai-Nawbgonj, and Bogra produce the best king of mangoes.

The jackfruit is our national fruit. It is the biggest of all fruits in size. It grows larger in the district of Dhaka, Mymensingh and Chittagong and every part of the country.

Pineapple is a flashy and juicy fruit. It is very nutritious. It's found in the rainy season. It grows mostly in Madhupur, Tangail.

Litchi is a small juicy fruit. Rajshahi is famous for litchi.


Fruits are important sources of vitamins. They also bring foreign currency. So we should be active in the cultivation of fruits.