Thursday, May 7, 2015

Story On Do Not Quarrel or Unity is Strength

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer with his wife in a village. He had three sons. His three sons always quarreled with such other. But the farmer did not like it. One day the three sons were quarreling again. Stop shouted the farmer angrily. But the sons did not pay any heed. One day the farmer called his sons to him and ordered them to bring some sticks and some rope. Then the three sons brought stick and rope. The farmer told them to make a bundle of the sticks with the rope.

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Having it, the sons make the bundle with the rope tiredly the farmer ordered them to break the bundle.  Each son tried hard to break the bundle. But they could not break the bundle. Then the farmer ordered them to untie the bundle. This time a stick was given to his every son.

Now try to break the stick, said the farmer. The three sons broke the stick easily. The farmer wanted to understand, if you live together, nobody will harm you.

Moral Story: "Unity is strength". /Do not Quarrel