Thursday, May 28, 2015

Composition on An Occasion I Remember


Human life is like a bubble which must burst after a short time. But even in his short span of life, a man may come across a good number of days association with various My Childhood Memories, never to be forgotten. Undoubtedly these days very vary in importance as well as degree. After all, they are memorable.

Which and where it took place:

Such a day came in my life and it came to the playground. I was something of a footballer, but I had never been a good footballer. I played only for the physical joy that I got out of the game. I never thought of victory. The result that I was never picked up for the school team. This was only because there was another player in the same position. He was certainly a great player. So I never complained. I just stood and waited.

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Things that pleased me:

My waiting was also rewarded. It was the day of all days. Our team entered into the final and was meeting its rival. As ill luck would have it, our star player fell ill at the last moment. Someone had to be picked and that one had to be me. I entered the field greeted by the cheers from my friends.
I played, beloved it or not like one inspired. I was here, there and everywhere, now at his frontal attack, now at the defense. Ans it was I who scored the winning goal. It marked the climax of the glorious day. I was the hero of the field. Today l look back on the day with unmixed pleasure and satisfaction.


It was one of the most rememberable occasions of my life. Whenever I think about my memories, I recall this occasion. It is such a splendid memory that I can never forget or neglect. I think all the mementos of that occasion are still alive in my heart.