Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Composition on A Journey by Boat


Bangladesh is a rive-ring country. In fact, fast-moving modern age, a journey by boat offers a different taste in communication. It brings us closer to the beauty of nature.
Occasion/ Planning: It was an autumnal vacation. I enjoyed a journey by boat from Kotwalipara to Gopalgonj. Two friends were with me.

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For the journey, we hired a boat. There were two boatmen.  We took clothes, foods, and camera with us.

The beginning of the journey/ Start:

It was 13 Feb 2002. The day was bright. The current and the wind were in our favor. The boatman hoisted the sail.

Description of the journey:

The river was full to the brim. The murmuring sound of the waves charmed me. Here and there some fisherman were fishing in the river. Some people were bathing. A few women were filling their jars. The beautiful riverside cast a spell upon our minds. The boat started plying through the river. We were glad to see the beautiful scenery of the rural areas. On both sides, we saw green fields of paddy, jute, and plants. Besides, the houses of the villagers presented a very nice scene.

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Reaching the destination:

We reached our destination at 12 P.M. That was the perfect time that we went for.


This was my first journey by boat. It was thrilling. It was a very pleasant one. Yet we don't deny that at first, we were a little apprehensive.