Thursday, May 28, 2015

Composition on A football Match I have Enjoyed or The Game I Like Most/My Favorite Game


Football is the most popular game in the world. It is also my favorite hobby and game. I am always interested in playing and watching this game. The match between our school and Camilla sporting club is one of the memorable or An occasion remember a match I have ever witnessed. It was really an exciting one.

Times Occasion/ Preparation:

Our game teacher was the coach of our school. The same team of the inter-school tournament played the match. Our team had practiced for about a month for this match under our game teacher.

Our school field was the venue of the match. We reached the venue before the appointment time. Our team warmed up for a while. After a while, the opponent team arrived there and had a little exercise. At the scheduled time the referees went to the field with two teams. And the match started with a sharp whistle.

At the opponent was much stronger than ours, we were a bit anxious. But we know, if all of our players could play their best, it would not be impossible to defeat them. We won the toss and decided to take the northern side of the field.

The first half in the match:

At the very beginning our team seemed to be weaker and rhythmless but after a few minutes, our players began to show their excellent performance. Both teams got some half chances but none could make the chances fruitful. Thus the first half ended goal Lesly.

The Second time in the game:

After the break, our team stared very fine in the second half. In the third minute of the second half, our team got a golden chance. It was a penalty. Our main striker made it fruitful by scoring the first goal of the match. Landing behind, the opponent team tried their best to equalize. But they could not score any goal. All of a sudden at the thirteenth minute of the second half their main striker took a long and speedy shot but our goalkeeper saved it excellently. After that, the two teams began to exhibit their tact and stamina to win the game. But no one could make any more chance fruitful.

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An unexpected happening:

The most excited happen at the eleventh hour. A sudden and speedy shot from the midfield by one of our midfielders defeated the goalkeepers of the opponent. At this, we all became astonished and it a loss. What a surprise it was for all! Actually, our emotion knew no bound because the match was about to be ended.


And when the last whistle was heard, we all ran to the field to congratulate our players. Our players were also overjoyed to have such a great and excellent victory. Our game teacher also thanked them all for trying their best.

My Favorite Game/ The Game I Like Most

There are many games today in the world. But the name of my favorite game is football. Though football is a foreign game, it is very popular in Bangladesh. It is played all over the world. There are many reasons behind my choosing football as the favorite game.

This is an outdoor game. The game is not very costly. The game lasts for one and a half hour. This short time makes the game more popular. During the game, the spectators remain in complete excitement and suspense. This is the only game that is so exciting and thrilling from the first to the last.

Football is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players including some extra players. There is one goalkeeper in each team who can touch the ball with hands to defend the goal. There are one right back and one left back and two center backs in each team. They defend the attack of the opponent players. 'There are also one left winger and right winger and two central midfielders. They supply the ball to the front strikers. There are two strikers in each team. Their task is to attack the opposing defender to score the goal. When the ball crosses the line of the goal post is regarded as a goal.

It needs a big field. The field is 120 yards long .and 80 yards wide. There are two goal posts in the field. One referee and two linesmen conduct the whole match. The linesmen help the referee to conduct the match.

The importance of the game is great. The game makes the players strong, healthy and energetic. So, the players remain immune from diseases. The game teaches us group discipline, leadership, friendship, and brotherhood. We also get the lesson of tolerance and obedience from this game.

To sum up, we can say that football is the most popular game. No game is more exciting than football. The game is not only entertaining but also educative. It is good for health. It is also a great' source of earning money. For all these reasons, football is my favorite game.