Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Story on A Farmer and His Three Sons or Hidden Treasure

One opens a time there lived a farmer in a village. He was very old and weak. The farmer had three sons. They were very lazy. So they did not any work. One day the farmer called his three sons to bed and said to them, “Do you know I am rich?" At this, "they become very wonder and they wanted to know where your riches is?" Then the farmer relied on that I have hidden all my riches in the field. So you can also be rich.

After someday later, the old farmer died. For this reason, the three sons become very shocked. After the death of their father, they want to their fields and started to dig the soil. They dug all the fields but they did not get any kind of riches.

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Being very angry, they threw some seed into their fields. They got bumper crops that year. Getting good cross, they became very pleased and started to working giving up laziness, at last, they could understand their father's words.

Moral: Industry is the mother of good luck

Unity is Strength

A farmer had three sons. They always quarreled. This made the farmer unhappy. He tried to bring them to their senses but failed. At last, he hit upon a plan. He called all his sons and asked them to bring a bundle of sticks.

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Accordingly, they brought a bundle of sticks. Then the farmer asked them to break it. The three sons tried one after another. But none could break it. Then their father asked them to untie the bundle and told each of his sons to take one stick. Each of the boys took one stick. Their father asked them to break the sticks. Now they broke them easily.

Then the farmer told his sons, “If you live together, nobody can harm you and if you are separate. anybody will break you like the single broken sticks.”