Saturday, April 25, 2015

Composition on The Price Giving Ceremony at My School


The sports day or price giving ceremony is an important occasion in the life of every student. Our school management gorgeously arranges this day every year. The students with outstanding achievement although the year and who win the events of the annual sports are given the price on this very day.

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This day is generally observed in February in our school. The memory of this very day of last year resultant in my mind. On that day the atmosphere of the school appeared a festive mood. We decorated the school misuses with numerous flowers, flags, and festoons. The headmaster presided over the ceremony.

The arrival of the guests:

The chief guest was the local MP. The chairman of Dhaka Board was a special guest. The guests arrived at 9.30 am. The guardians of the students were seated in the rows allotted for them. The ceremony started at 10.00 am with recitation from the Holy Quran.
Description: Then the sporting event started. There were several sports events such as high jump, long jump, 100 letter race, 400 letter race etc. The guest was very pleased to see our performance in games and sports. The chief guest and the special guest appreciated our performance. They encouraged us to take part in sports and games.

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Distribution of Price:

After completing the sports events the headmaster read out his annual report. He recalled the progress report that had been carried through during past years, the achievement of our present and ex-student in various fields of activities. The Headmaster declared the names of the students who cut an excellent figure in the year final exam. These students were also given prices for their brilliant result. Then the Headmaster announced the names of the prize winners who imparted on the day's sports events. The chief guest gave away the price among the students.

My Role:

I got the second price as I placed myself second n the annual result list. Then I also got the first price for 100 letter race.
Cultural function: In the afternoon, splendid cultural programmers were arranged. We acted Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" on the stage. One of my best friends, Nilu played the role of Portia while I played the role of Bassanio. The audience was very pleased to watch our performance.


Finally,  the chief guest rose to speak and he congratulated the institution, the teachers, the students, and in fact, every day for the good works done n the past year and for the day's sports performance. At 6.00 pm various programmers that were arranged came to an end. It was really a happy day for the students of our school.

The Prize Giving Ceremony

A prize giving ceremony is really exciting. In every educational institution, it is arranged at least once a year. Usually, it is held after the annual sports and annual examination. Students take part in various games. A few days ago my school also arranged a prize-giving ceremony. It was on the 1st of January. Now I want to describe it.

On that day our school was decorated nicely. A nice stage was made in front of our academic building. Many honorable personalities were invited to the function. The honorable Education Minister was the chief guest. The Headmaster of our school was the president of the function.
The invited guests began to come at about 3 pm. We, the students welcome them with flowers. They all took their seats. We also sat in the middle of the crowd. Some volunteers were working very carefully. The function began with the singing of our national anthem. The chief guest hoisted the national flag. The main function began with the recitation from the Holy Quran.

The Headmaster of our school read out the annual report of our school. He pointed out various aspects of our school. Then some of the guardians were requested to express their feelings. After that our English teacher declared the names of -the winners. The winners took their prizes from the chief guest. I got a prize for standing first in my class. All were clapping to inspire the winners. The winners were shaking their hands with the president and the chief guest while taking their prizes. After the prize-giving ceremony, our mathematics teacher thanked everybody to make the function successful. Then the chief guest was requested to deliver his speech. While delivering his speech, he thanked us for arranging such a function. He told us about the importance of sports. He also told us to arrange such function every year. He also told us about the importance of education. The function ended with the speech of our Headmaster. After the prize-giving ceremony, a one-act drama was staged. The drama was directed, by our English teacher. Some of the students took part in it. We all enjoyed the drama very much.

In the end, I can say that it was a memorable day in my life. I enjoyed the whole function very much. It will remain fresh in my Memory forever.