Friday, March 6, 2015

Composition on Physical Exercise


Physical exercise means the movement of limbs. Our body is like a machine. Rust eats into idly machine. Want of exercise cause weakness of mind and body. But exercise makes one strong and keeps one away from diseases.

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It's Kinds: 

There is various kind of physical exercise. Swimming, running, walking, riding are a good form of exercise. Gymnastics, wrestling is also good kind physical exercise. Modern outdoor games like football, cricket, hockey, tennis are known as good physical exercise. The village games are the best physical exercise. All forms are not, however, suitable to all. The weak and the old man should walk in the morning. We must take exercise till we sweat. We must exercise each day for our exercise life.


Physical exercise is necessary to develop the brain. A healthy man enjoys life better. A weak sees a bear in every bush. He falls an easy prey to disease and death. Many students sit down close to their books and refuse to take any exercise. They are soon seen to decline in health. They fall victim to various kinds of diseases. Life becomes a burden to them and the world seems to them to be a prison house.

proper time and place: 

To choose the right time and place is an important precondition to get the best advantage from physical exercise. Early morning is the best time for it. Late afternoon can also be chosen for this purpose. An open field or place having much fresh air is the best place for that some exercise can also be taken inside our home or gym.


In fine, we can say that without taking physical exercise regularly, we cannot expect to enjoy and sound health. Therefore every one of us should take some kind of physical exercise to stay hale and hearty.