Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Short Composition about Computer


it is the age of science. Science is the driving force of modern civilization. By the blessing of science, we can talk over the phone or internet and send a message across the seas. Due to science man has landed on the moon and Mars. He has invented the computer. It is the latest miracle in science and technology.

How invented:

Charles Babes, a British professor of Mathematics, first thought about a formula. The formula was supposed to help the human brain. He could not invent the computer. He initiated the research leading to the invention of the computer. But the credit for the invention of the modern computer goes to an American scientist. He is Mr. Howard Akin. In 1933, he invented such the machine that could do difficult sums. After the seven-year electric computer was used in Harvard in 1944.

The function of a computer: 

Generally, a computer performs the function. It receives data. It processes data by various computations. And emits data.

Major components of a computer:

The computer consists of five major components. They are input unit, an output unit, a memory unit, control unit, and the arithmetic unit.

Machine language of Computer:

Every computer has its own machine language. It understands only this language. So, an instruction to the computer must be given in this language.

It's user:

computer serve us in many ways. It is used in translation. It translated poems or any part literature. It is used in big agricultural farms in America. Trains and planted are run by computer. The result of examination can accurately be given by computer within a short time. Tine is not far off when every brain work will be done by computer.

The computer in Bangladesh:

Today computer is very much popular in Bangladesh. It has already occupied a place in the mind of the people. The young generation is very conscious of computer education. They are receiving training in computing with great interest.


The computer is the greatest contribution to science. And we should buy computers, use the computer and try to make computers for the prosperity of the country.