Monday, March 30, 2015

Composition on A Village Market


A village is a buying and selling place of the village. all the villagers gather there in the crowded people with busy markets.


A village market generally sits by the riverside or the roadside under a banyan tree. In the whole market of the bazer is located the market.

Kinds of village market:

There is two market of A village market. They are 'Had' and 'Bazer'. The daily market is called the 'Bazer'. On the contrary, the market which is held once or twice a week is called 'Hat'. The daily market sits daily in the morning. On the contrary, the weekly market sits once or twice a week in the evening.

Description/ Arrangement of shops/ commodities available:

 Usually, a village market has three parts. There is open space arranged in rows according to things for sale. Fish, Mile, Fruit, betel, and vegetables are sold in open place. all those are mostly temporary. Grocers, cloth dealers, tailors, potters have permanent of shops. there is also a place of selling cows and goats.

Important/ Usefulness:

The village market is very useful to the villagers. Here they got all things of their daily needs. It saves the villagers from going to a distant place to buy things. The villagers sell their crops and others goods easily. They also got news from here. The postman delivers letters here. In fact, a village market is the meeting place of the villagers.

Disadvantages/ Demerits/ Drawbacks:

A village market has some drawbacks too. In a village market, all kind of people gathers there. Thus a noisy environment is created. Sometimes the pickpockets also gather there.


A village market is very useful to the villagers. It is the center of rural economy. It is a part and parcel of the villagers.