Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Composition on Rivers of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a land of rivers. She is in fact cross-crossed by numerous rivers. These rivers are very useful to the overall development of the country. The river here is full to the brim in the rainy season. But in winter they take a very shabby look.

Main Rivers:

There are many rivers in Bangladesh. Of them, The Padma, The Meghna, The Jamuna, The Karnaphuli, The Brahmaputra etc are the big and main rivers. Apart from these, there are many other small rivers almost all over the country.
Bangladeshi River
Rivers of Bangladesh

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Importance of Rivers:

The rivers of Bangladesh play a very important role in various sectors.
Firstly, They are a huge source of fishes. Actually, the rivers are a real sanctuary of fishes which done of our main food items.

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Secondly, The agriculture sector of our country largely depends on those rivers for irrigation.

Thirdly, Some nightly river is also a great source of energy. For example, The hydro-electric project on the river Karnnafuly can remove the power shortage of Bangladesh to a great extent.

Fourthly, Our river is the main way of communication. Moreover, the rivers carry silt with them which increases the fertility of our lands. They are also a great source of natural beauties.

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Despite many advantages, the river sometimes causes suffering to the people. The river often gets filled by excessive rainfall and cause floods. Floods bring about untold miseries and misfortunes.


In spite of having a few negative effects, the rivers of Bangladesh play a very significant role in the sociology-economy of the country. Truly speaking, the rivers are the part and parcel of our country. They are no doubt a blessing to us as well as our country.