Monday, January 12, 2015

Composition on Newspaper/ The Role of Newspaper in Modern Life


Newspaper is the means of carrying news of both home and abroad. It is the storehouse of knowledge. It is one of the blessings of modern life. It is our daily companion and a part of our life. In fact, we cannot think of modern life without Newspaper.
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The Role of Newspaper in Modern Life

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It's History:

Newspaper was first published in China. During the rule of Queen Elizabeth, it was first published in England. Before the English rule, there was particularly no newspaper in this sub-continent. 'The Indian Gazette' was the first printed newspaper in this sub-continent. It was published in 1774. The Bengali newspaper named 'Samachar Durpan' was published by the missionaries of Srerampore. Now newspapers have made much progress. We have a good known as periodicals and magazines. They contain stories, poems, essays, novels, and dramas etc.

Common Dailies/ Newspaper in Bangladesh:

There are a number of English and Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh. They are The Daily Star, The Bangladesh Observer, The Daily Independent, The New Age, The Financial Express, The Daily Prothom Alo, The Daily Somokal, The daily Janakantha, The Daily Jugantor,The Ittefaq, The Daily Destiny, The Jai Jai Din, The weekly Evidence, The Saptahik 2000, The Ekhon and son on.

Usefulness/ Its merits/ Importance/ The value of Newspaper:

Newspaper gives us both information and pleasure. It provides us with local news, world news, trade news, market news, sports news, advertisements and features. Most newspapers publish regular literary and educational subject-matter. So, a newspaper attracts people of all sections. Newspaper plays an important role to people of all classes. It keeps us in close contact with the current affairs of the world. It helps the growth of public opinion and contains views on current topics.

Its demerits/ Misuses/ Drawbacks:

Newspaper is not an unmixed blessing. It sometimes publishes excess and embarrassing information. It also publishes false or partial news and views. Sometimes it preaches violence and incites war. This is surely a misuse of Newspaper.


It is true that newspaper has some defects. But without Newspaper, modern life cannot be imagined.