Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Composition on A Village Fair


The fair usually held in rural areas is known as village fair. It is an annual affair. It is held for a day or few days on the occasion of local festivals. It is a large gathering of village people.

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Time, Place and Occasion:

Before the certain date of the beginning of fair, preparations go on for few days. People eagerly wait for that special day. Children save money throughout the bank of the river at the marketplace or in the yard of Temple, Dargah, Dighi or Mazars of saints. The occasion of village fair can be the death anniversary of some saints, some religious festivals, the beginning of the new year's day.


A village fair is a kind of exhibition. People of all ages from the nearby villages gather at a village fair. Men, women, children and all flock together in each village fair. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, the high and the low, the elite and the rustic, the saint and the scoundrel, all gather together in a village fair.

Things Available:

Local potters, weavers, carpenters and so on bring their article and display those very beautifully. There is a great assemblage of fancy goods like toys, whistles, bombs, hair-pins, cheap ornaments, common cosmetic, looking glasses, plants etc. There are a good number of shops of sweetmeats. Sweetmeats are the common purchase of the visitors. Most attractively painted earthen pots, baskets made of bamboo and cane, small and beautiful furniture are also available at the fair. Cloth stores are also seen somewhere. Seasonal fruits like mango, jack-fruit, litchi are also available. Some special arrangements like a circus, Jatra, magic-show, Nagordola, doll-dance, gambling, and lotteries are made in a village fair to attract and amuse the simple villagers.

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Usefulness/ Merits/ Importance:

A village fair is of great us to the villagers. It encourages cottage industries, artisans, craftsmen, potters, weavers, and cultivators. They sell their crops and goods here. It is also the meeting place of the villagers. many of the fair we have seen a village doctor serving their treatment for the locality.


A village fair has some demerits too. There is no sanitation system here. In a village people of all classes gather. Gambling parties, Pick-pocketers, and toll-collectors also gather together. The authorities concerned should be careful to stop these.


A village fair is actually the source of pleasure. It breaks the monotony of village life. And meet each other of the distance people.