Thursday, December 25, 2014

Composition on The Crows in Villages and Towns


The Crow is the most common bird both in villages and towns. It is found and seen almost everywhere around us. So it is familiar to almost every one of us. In fact, crows play a very important role in the environment.


There are various kinds of crows. Of them the raven, the took, the jackdaw, the carrion etc are commonly seen. The carrion and the rook are mostly seen in the urban areas. And the raven and the jackdaw are common in rural areas. Crows are of ideal black irrespective of their sizes or kinds.

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It's nature:

The crow is a very ugly bird to look at. Its voice is also ugly and harsh. Its ugly appearance and harsh voice annoy us all. But the crow is very cunning in nature. It always roams in search of food. Sometimes it snatches food from our hands, especially from the kids.

It's life:

The crow builds a nest and lays eggs in it. It also hatches the egg here. At night crows live in groups on tall trees. They lead a real social life. They show a very strong unity and fellow feeling. If one of them fall in danger, the others come together to help it.

It's foolishness:

Despite being a cunning bird, the crow often shows a very foolish attitude. There is a very funny thing about the crow. It is easily cheated by the cuckoo. The cuckoo lays eggs in crow nest. But the crow never realities the trick of the cuckoo. It hatches the eggs of the cuckoo and brings up the kids of the kids of the cuckoo till they are recognizable.

It's Importance:

The crow is one of the most important parts of our natural environment clean by eating the dirty things. It is in fact as nature's scavenger. Because it clears away a lot of rubbish and rotten things lying around us.

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Crows are one of the most important parts of our natural environment. They help us in various ways. They are ugly in appearance and their tune is so harsh to hear. But their role in keeping the environment clean cannot be neglected anyhow. So crows are no doubt our good friends.