Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Composition on My First Day At School


The first day at school is one of the most memorable events in one's life. It is no doubt an exciting one at all. I am not an exception in this regard. So the memory of my first day at school is still vivid in my heart. 

Memorable Events:

At the age of five, I was taken to Ghior D.N pilot High School to get myself admitted in the primary section of the school. I was told about this a few days ago. So I was feeling very excited. On the fixed day, my father took to the school. It was not so far from our house. We went there on foot. I held my father's finger all the way. 

Joining the School:

A few minutes later we reached the school compound. My father took me to the headmaster. He was very friendly to my father. The headmaster asked me my name and some other simple question. I could answer all his question. Then he decided me to my class. I excitedly followed his direction and went to my class which was the class (I). 

The atmosphere of the class:

I entered into my class taking permission from the class teacher. The class teacher a seat. He also enlisted my name in his attendance book. There were about thirty to thirty children in the classroom. They all were out of my age. They seemed to be making inquiries about me. I also tried to interpret their gesture and body language. I was a little bit nervous at first. Gradually I started feeling quite at ease. One of the boys beckoned me to sit beside him. Later he became one of my boom friends. This class was an English class. So the teacher taught a lesson on the English alphabet and words. When the class ended, the teacher went out and we stood up to see him off. After that, there came some other teachers. They also took classes impressively.

More One Composition on Our School Library

New Feeling and Experience:

This day was a day of getting and enjoying the newer feeling and some of my same-aged classmates charmed and wondered me much. 


The first day of my school opened a new and broad life on the horizon of my life. In fact, it was the beginning of my life-building mission. In a broader sense, this day was the day of redefining my life to me.