Friday, December 26, 2014

Composition on Life In A Village


Life in a village is quite different from town life. Actually, village life is natural and people in our village live a very simple life. Their life is very easy going and they're familiar with the village life.


Most of our village is adorned with numerous natural resources. People lead a carefree life there. They wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the melodious songs of birds. There is no harsh sound of vehicles or mills and factories. Life is less expensive and people can get everything at a cheap rate. Here people are very much conscious of their relatives. They usually share their weal and woe unitedly: Hence social harmony exists here.


Village life is a life of perfect peace. It is very simple and, and to a large extent, free from care and anxieties of the complex world. The village people are free from the trouble of anti-social elements. In the village, we get fresh air to enjoy. There is a good supply of fresh vegetables and milk in villages which we do not get in town. Besides these, village life is free from the traffic jam. water clogging, sound, and air pollution. Domestic fouls are available here and people can get protein without any hazard.

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There are some defects in village life too. Nowadays village is a burdened with many problems like city life. Is main reason that the village is gradually turned into mini-town but devoid of modern facilities like gas, electricity, water, supply etc. There is no scope for medical facilities like computer, Internet, satellite etc. But it is a matter of sorrow that villagers are totally deprived of these facilities.

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Despite some demerits, village life is more livable than town life. Even today the villagers live a life of contentment. They are united by strong bonds of affection, love, and fellow-feeling and in time of danger, they stand by one another.