Saturday, December 27, 2014

Composition on A Village Primary School


A village primary school is the root of the rural education system. Rudimentary learning for the children is offered here. It is the first step for anyone in the village. So a village primary school is a very important thing for any villager.


There are two types of primary school in the village. They are govt primary school and registered primary schools. The govt primary school are run and fully financed directly by the govt and the registered primary school is run by the locals and partially financed by the govt. But on the outlook,  the atmosphere and standard of education are nearly the same.

Usual location and condition:

A village primary school is generally situated at the center of a village. It is also far from the marketplace of the village. The condition of a village primary school is substandard. It is generally dilapidated. Especially the registered one is much miserable in condition. Its fence is made of straw, reeds or bamboo. Some luckily get a small brick built building financed by the govt. The furniture here is also of lower quality. Some almost broken chaired and table are spread here and there. Some substandard blackboard is also huge on the wall. 

A village primary school has to face different situations in efferent seasons. During summer, the student has to face unbearable heat. So they are bound to leave the school earlier. And during the rainy season, rainwater enters the classrooms. So the students cannot be attentive to their classes. Beside if floods occur, the school becomes the shelter for the affected people. So the students have to lag behind in their studies. Even in winter, the biting cold enters every classroom and hampers the study of the students.

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Standards of Education:

There is a shortage of teacher in village primary school. The total atmosphere is not so favorable. These are deprived of modern facilities. So it is very difficult to expect standard education here. However, it is true that despite some basic problem, the standard of education in village primary school up and doing.


A village primary school plays a very vital role building the platform of the rural education system. So the govt and the authorities concerned should be careful of this. Thus the condition and standard of the village primary school can be modernized and upgraded.