Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Short Composition on Wonder of Modern Science


Modern civilization is the gift of science. The wonder and blessings of science beggar description. Modern Science in Technology Method systems. The wonder of modern science is too many to be illustrated in a short essay. Electricity, Telephone, Television, Radio, Cinema, Aeroplane, Rocket, Telegraph, Computer, E-mail, Internet, X-ray, Nuclear, energy etc. are the highest blessings and wonders of modern science. We need  Science In Everyday Life.
Modern Science of Composition
The wonder of Modern Science
Science of Electricity:

Electricity is the driving force of modern civilization. It gives power and energy. Man can now remove the darkness from his room by turning a small switch.

Radio and Television Science:

The radio is one of the marvelous inventions of modern science. It carries our small voice to the farthest corner of the world. It gives us news, songs, discussions, play, poetry etc. Television is another wonder of modern science. It is another popular medium for sharing thoughts and opinions.

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Computer Science: The computer is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. It is a substitute for the human brain. It is the latest means of communication of thoughts and ideas. In every sphere of life, man has been using this wonder of modern science. It seems that in the distant future, man will be a doll and computer will do every brain work.

Science in Communication:

Telephone, telegraph, fax, internet, e-mail etc. are the fastest mode of communication. Hydroplanes, buses. trucks, science, launches, and steamers carry passengers and goods. In fact, science has made the world a global village.

Science in Medicine:

Science has done great wonder in the field of medicine and treatment of patients. It has removed human and other creature's sufferings by inventing instruments and medicines to fight against diseases. The X-ray, the Pathological diagnostic devices, the Penicillin have come as real blessings to humanity. The modern hospital cannot be run without scientific tools and drugs.

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Modern science is not an unmixed blessing. Nuclear weapons may destroyer world anytime. The sample of Hiroshima still stays as a nightmare experience. Science is meant for the benefit of mankind. But man misuses this heavenly gift out of his selfish motive and brings unspeakable sufferings to human life.


The gift of science should be utilized for the welfare of mankind. Inventions of modern science should be used as blessings. Let the gigantic power be applied for the greater harmony and welfare of mankind.

The Wonders of Modern science

The present age is the age of science. Science has influenced every walk of life. Today a man cannot live even for a while without the use of one or the other of its inventions. Science- has provided us with all possible comforts and has increased our happiness.

Electricity is the first wonder of modern science. It is. the driving force of modern civilization. Without it, no machines work, and so no production is possible.

For recreation and information, science has invented the radio, television, cinema, satellite, internet etc.

The computer is one of the greatest wonders of modern Science. It is a substitute for the human brain. every sphere of life man has been using the computer.

Now man can make the atom bomb, hydrogen bomb nuclear bomb, missiles etc. with the help of this emery. The man may use this power either in destructive or constructive works.

To land on the moon was out of man's imaginary just a few years ago. But man has done this impossible work successfully by dint of science.

Science has greatly contributed to the field of agriculture. We have got tractors, pesticides, hybrid crops.  So though our -land is decreasing, our production is increasing.

Science has lessened human sufferings. Biopsy and Ultrasonography, E.C.G, Ultra-violet ray, X-rated and penicillin are the wonders of modern science. Besides, there are many other inventions of modern science that are used against many fatal diseases.

Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram, e-mail, speedy vehicles, plane are great wonders in the field of communication. They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one corner of the world to the other within a moment.

Though science plays a great role in our everyday life, it has bad effects, too. The man has created atom bombs which can wipe out mankind and the civilization within a few seconds. Smoke from mills and factories pollutes our environment. Thus it endangers our life.

Science may be a blessing or a curse for us. It entirely depends on man's will. As we cannot do even for a day without the help of science, we should try to apply it for the welfare of mankind.