Sunday, October 26, 2014

Essay on My Favorite Hobby as A Gardening Profession


Hobby means an interesting occupation pursued recreation. It is a short pastime that one pursues to take a great delight. It’s necessary for mental rest and recreation.

 Different kinds of Hobby:

Because of having different tastes different people have various hobbies. There are varieties of hobbies like gardening, beekeeping, kite flying, painting, singing, walking, stamp collection and what not.

My Hobby: 

Gardening is my favorite hobby. My garden is in front of my reading room. The main flowers in my garden are Rose, Champa, Shefali, Bele, Kabari, Kamini, sunflower Gandharaj etc. I grow vegetable like cauliflowers, cabbages Danta etc. in the corner of my garden.
Favorite hobby as Gardening
My Favorite Hobby as Gardening

Why I like It:

Among several types of Hobby, I like gardening for different reasons. It gives me excellent pleasure in my leisure. It enriches the beauty of our house and charms all around us. By cherishing my hobby I can take physical exercise regularly. I can plant some vegetable around my flower garden. It helps our family get a Fresh vegetable. This is why I like this hobby the most.

My Work time in Garden or Nature of Work: 

I generally work in my garden in the morning and afternoon. Sometimes I prepare the soil with Spade and weed out the grasses. At times I do the pruning and trimming the twigs very nicely.


My garden is a source of joy. My job knows no bounds at the sight of the plants in full blossom. It also adds income to our family. 


Gardening is helpful to me in several ways. It refreshes my mind. It helps me forget the troubles and worries of life. In fact, every one of us should have a hobby.

My Hobby/ Gardening

 Hobby means one's favorite occupation. But it is not the main occupation. It is a source of joy and pleasure. Our body and mind need joy and pleasure. Hobby gives us joy and pleasure. So, everyone must have a hobby.

Hobby differs from man to man. There are different kinds of a hobby. They are stamp collecting, kite flying, gardening, hunting, singing, fishing, coin collecting, photographing etc.

I am a student. I have also a hobby. My favorite hobby is gardening. I have a flower garden. It is in front of my reading room. In my garden, I have planted all kinds of flowers. I have put a fence around my garden. I have put this fence to save the garden from cattle, goat and naughty boys. When the flowers bloom, my garden looks very beautiful. My heart fills with joy when anyone praises my garden.

I work in my garden every day. After coming from school, I enter my garden. I work there for one and a half hour. I lose the soil and weed out the grass. Then I give manure. I also water the plant very well. Sometimes, I curtail my flower plants.

Gardening is my favorite hobby because of some reasons. First of all, I don't want to waste my free time. I like flowers. Besides, it removes the monotony of my life. It refreshes my mind. It is also good for health.

My hobby has a great usefulness. It keeps me fit for every work. I have made my body stronger. It gives me immense pleasure.' I can study well. Besides, I use my flowers for different works. I decorate my' house with flowers on different occasions.

In conclusion, we can say that hobby is a source of great pleasure. A man must have a hobby for the soundness of his body and mind. It keeps him away from bad company and evil thoughts. So, everyone should have a hobby.