Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Essay on Important of Reading Newspapers Regularly

We cannot think of modern life without a newspaper. Even before the advent of dawn, we think of our newspaper. Indeed, newspaper reading has become a passion with us.

Newspaper are various types. They are dailies, bi-weakling, monthlies, and quarterlies. Dailies mainly give us the news. Weeklies and monthlies contain stories, articles, dramas, and poems.

They supply good literature. They review the best books of the day. A newspaper is the supplier of all sorts of news and views. Merchants read the paper to know market conditions. Sportsmen amuse themselves with sport-news.

A professor or a teacher gather news and views on literary topics. Statesmen keep themselves informed of the diplomacy of the world. A newspaper has also corners for children and women.

Student read newspaper supplement the education that they receive at schools and colleges. It is our good companion in our solitary hours or in a railway compartment. It brings sleep on the wakeful eyes of the sick. A newspaper is the powerful instrument of publicity Railways timings, government notifications, laws and bills and projects are given publicity through the newspaper. A newspaper serves the nation.

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It helps to form public opinion and voices public grievances. A newspaper helps the government in various ways. But the newspaper is not an unmixed blessing. A newspaper, guided by passions and prejudices, does a lot of mischiefs. However, the newspaper has made the world smaller and helps one nation to understand the other. Thus it champions the cause of equality, liberty, and fraternity.