Sunday, October 26, 2014

Essay on Food Problem in Bangladesh


The food problem is one of an acute problem in our country. It means the shortage of basic food supply compared to the population. In fact, food problem or food crisis is acute not only in Bangladesh but also throughout the world.
Food Problem in BD
Essay on Food Problem in Bangladesh
It causes:

There are a good many reasons behind the food crisis in our country. Firstly, ours is a small but populous country. So it is simply difficult for us to provide people with sufficient food. Secondly, our cultivable land area is reducing day by day. Because the increasing number of people need habitat and so they are occupying the farmlands. As a result, our area of farmland is getting insufficient gradually. Thirdly, our is not a developed country. The cultivation of food crops of Bangladesh largely depends on the whim of nature. Because they do not know the scientific method of cultivation. That is why they cannot grow many crops compared to the production of the farmers of developed countries. Fourthly, our farmer is very neglected by the govt. and the authorities of concerned. They do not get much help, financial assistance, and other facilities. So they are not encouraged to do better in growing more food crops.

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It affects:

Food is the first basic need of man. So the shortages of food cause some fundamental problem for us. It creates instability in society and nation. Because due to food problem people have to suffer from malnutrition and many other diseases. It hinders the overall development of human resource.

It's the remedy:

To mitigate the existing food problem is a crying need. To do so we have to take some effective initiatives. Firstly, the over-growth of the population must be controlled. Secondly, our area of cultivable land should not be allowed to reduce. Thirdly, we have to introduce and practice the scientific method of cultivation. For this purpose, our farmers have to be trained and skilled. Fourthly, our farmers should be evaluated duly and they should be given sufficient facilities. Above all our farmers should be honored and encouraged to grow more food crops.

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No Society or nation can go a long way through food crisis. So this problem must be mitigated at any rate. For this purpose the govt. as well as the authorities concerned will have to take necessary steps. Besides, all of us have to conscious and ardent to get rid of this problem.