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How to Improve Writing in Simple Steps

how to improve writing
A good writer is one who is contended to write. Writing is more of a passion and can be a source of satisfaction and a healthy mindset. Writing and publishing on digital platforms such as Quora and Medium serve as a perfection option. You might receive mixed feedback on your write-ups. However, some steps could help you write better. In this article, we are going to reveal the top steps that would improve your writing effectively. Read along to discover everything:

Embrace Writing

The best way to write well is to embrace writing as a passion, and do a thorough research about what you want to write. You can read as much as you can, and explore in-depth information about specific subjects. Download a notebook app on your smartphone and adopt a habit of taking notes about different subjects that inspire you. Moreover, you can download a voice-recording software on your phone that will allow you to record audio notes so that you can clarify complex concepts later.

Also, you can join different writers’ group online, and gain support from the writers’ community. In reality, the best writers tend to keep the writing space separate in their home. They make sure to proofread work at least thrice prior to submission to publication. In addition, writing every day can create reflexes, helping you achieve great writing speed. You can create a blog, share experiences, ideas, and promote your work among the relevant audience. Through subscribing blogs, you can learn, read, and share-worthy information.

In addition, you can practice as many exercises as you want. Various writing exercises are available on the internet that can improve your writing capabilities, strengthen your skills, and help you discover more writing styles. These exercises can allow you to uncover the editor in you. You can refrain from proofreading until a draft is completed.

Learn Things That Really Count

The best writers tend to keep a dictionary every time they write. Though they are inclined towards being observant, believing that their surrounding can offer inspiration to them. They believe that people and activities around them can influence their choices when creating a character, plot, or theme. Apart from this, the best writers invest on informative resources including the paid subscription of Huffington Post, The New York Times, and more.

You can read Grammar book, understand the rules, and follow them while writing. Moreover, you need to get rid of the distractions such as social media, smartphones, and more. Once you get your mind off the distraction, you can sit down, and write hassle-freely. Interestingly, reading write-ups by successful writers can help you learn writing skills that could impress the readers greatly. Furthermore, read write-ups by canonical authors. It will help you understand more about the worthy literature.
improve writing

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

You should never be afraid of writing poor quality content. You should understand that writing a grammatically incorrect sentence is a common phase for fresh writers. Fortunately, writers tend to improve gradually through making mistakes and improving accordingly. You should aim to understand grammar and discover more about the verb, tenses, agreement, and preposition.

On top, you should embrace yourself as a writer and accept it as a valuable profession. Keep yourself from falling into distractions. You will either win or lose. In case you win, you will rule over the mind through relying solely on yourself for inspiration. However, if you rely on other people for getting inspiration, then you will never be able to do what you aim for. When you are about to write, rule over your mind and do not allow anything to come on your way to write.

You need to understand that no one is perfect, and those who learn to rule their mind can dominate the industry. Just make sure to give yourself a break, as it will keep your mind fresh, ridding you from frustration.

Use Simple Words

The words’ collection matter a lot. In essence, the words determine your writing’s success. You should choose simple words, making sure that they are easily ingestible to readers of all levels. For instance, you can opt for the word “Use” over “Utilize”. Choosing complex words will make the readers confuse and leave your article. You can observe the write-ups by leading ghostwriter companies such as Bookwriting INC and observe how they leverage the power of simple words and make an article more interesting. 

Final Words

So far, we have revealed how to improve writing in simple steps. If you know about more ways to improve writing, feel free to mention them.

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Gerry Wilson is a technology freak and a passionate blog writer who loves to write about technology/Apps/Business related articles. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for further details.

What to Look for in a Tablet for E-book Reading

Table for Ebook Reading
What to Look for in a Tablet for Ebook Reading
We are living in an age where smartphones have become our pocket assistant. We can access nearly every information, email, social network, a gaming app, and much more. However, when it comes it book reading, these smartphones can sadly put a strain on our eyesight, leading to headaches. To get around with the situation, Tablets have come into the bigger picture.

Having said, tablets have made E-Reading seamless, ruling the online reading market by large. In this article, we will reveal what you should be looking for in a tablet for Ebook reading purposes.

Why Choose Tablet for Ebook Reading?

There are various reasons to choose a tablet for Ebook reading. In essence, tablets take Ebook reading experience to next level; providing readers with easy on eyes display that ensures that our eyes are not strained. Many Bookwriting companies hire ghost writers specifically to create content that is suitable for viewing on tablets. In addition, a person can store up to thousands of books in a tablet, including the freemium ones. This rids a person from wallet-burdening books.

Now, that you know a lot about the benefits of choosing a tablet for Ebook reading, you need to know about the factors to consider when choosing a tablet. After reading this article, we will know what tablets will present your favorite Ebook in the most effective way. Read along to discover everything:

What You Should Actually Look for in a Tablet for Ebook Reading?

We have gathered the considerations including the features and specs that are essential to consider choosing a remarkable tablet for reading activities. Below are the things to consider when looking buying a tablet for Ebook reading and watching media:


In case, a reader is under a limited budget, then Amazon Kindle cans serve the purpose at about $8 only. Many people find Amazon Kindly as a reasonable choice with essential features for book reading.

But, the more a person spends, the more are the features. Considering the LED lights, High-Resolution Display, Extended Battery Life, Network Connectivity Features, and much more, readers are often ready to spend a lot more. Also, you can learn about how to read books faster to achieve a better book reading experience. If you are looking to buy a decent tablet while staying under the budget, then you can get a tablet for under $200, achieving the book reading purpose hassle freely.

Starting at $80, Amazon’s Kindle lineup has been dominating the market since very long as they provide all the necessary features to enhance the reading experience in a small and compact form-factor. Hence, for most of the readers, these Kindles will be a perfect choice.

The Screen Size

Screen size plays a pivotal role in tablets. Just as our eyes can read big font text on large paper easily, the same case applies to tablets. The big-sized screen offers easy on eyes experience for longer reading sessions. When talking about the lower-end models, display often lacks the backlit, meaning that a reader will require an additional source of light to read the text. It offers a similar experience as reading a book. While on another hand, the expensive models feature a LED lighting, allowing you to adjust brightness as per desired requirements.

If you opt for a traditional tablet, you might suffer from the light glare. However, the high-end tablets come with an antiglare display. But, if you are limited on budget, then the traditional tablets offer vivid screens, allowing you to read a lot more than just a book such as comic book and magazines. Above all, tablets such as Amazon Fire are one of the cost-effective solutions for watching, reading, browsing activities.

How can Waterproof Tablet Come into Handy?

In case, you want to read while lying on the pool, then a waterproof tablet can provide you with a remarkable experience. However, none of the tablets belonging to Kindle family offers the waterproof feature. But, we have come up with two great tablets offering the waterproof feature. These waterproof tablets include Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo Aura One. Both of the tablets are water resistant with IPX8 HZO Protection.

Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi & 3G Connection

A tablet with data connectivity can provide a reader with an opportunity to download unlimited free books from different resources. However, many of the low-end tablets only offer Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing a reader to download media over Wi-Fi only.

An E-Reader with cellular connectivity will enable you to download and buy books from anywhere, which comes available in most of the expensive models, whereas budget E-Readers only offer Wi-Fi connectivity. An E-Reader with only Wi-Fi connectivity should work fine for you if you do not mind waiting until you are at home or have a hotspot nearby.

Author Bio:

Gerry Wilson is a technology freak and a passionate blog writer who loves to write about technology/Apps/Business related articles. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for further details.

Write A Dialogue in 100 Words Between Mother and Daughter Over the Cellular Phone

Suppose, you are Fatema and now you are in the college when your mother has given you a phone call. Now write a dialogue in 100 words between mother and daughter over the cellular phone.

Mother: Hello Fatema!

Daughter: Hello Mummy! How are you?

Mother: I am nice, what about you?

Daughter: Pretty well, mummy! Do not worry.

Mother: where are you now? When’ll you get back?

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Daughter: I'm now in my classroom. I’ll get back by 3.30 am.

Mother: don’t delay. Do come as early as possible.

Daughter: OK, Mum. You do have your lunch. Don’t wait for me.

Mother: Alright, goodbye.

Write A Dialogue In 100 Words Between You And Your Mother

Suppose, you were a passenger of the airplane which was going to crash into the Town Tower. You somehow managed to talk to your mother over the mobile phone. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your mother.
Myself: Hello Mum, how are you?

Mother: I am well. What about you?

Myself: I am going to say goodbye to you forever.

Mother: what nonsense are you taking?

Myself: It is sensible; our plane is going to crash into the Twin Tower very soon.

Mother: Oh, my child, without you I cannot survive on earth.

Myself: Do not be so emotional. Take it easy.

Mother: how can I take it easy?

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Myself: Mum, this is predestined.

Mother: Sweet my child I live for thee.

Myself: Mum, you must take my destiny.

Mother: I feel like crying.

Myself: I will meet you hereafter, good-bye.

Mother: May your soul rest in peace.

Write A Dialogue in 100 Words Between You and Your Younger Brother

You discovered that your younger brother trying smoking. You knew that you had to stop him. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your younger brother.
Myself: my sweet little brother, what the hell were you doing with your friends?

Brother: my friends instigated me to smoke. Sorry, I will not do so anymore.

Myself: you must give up the bad company.

Brother: okay, I will do so.

Myself: by smoking cigarettes, you were going to destroy your life.

Brother: Actually, I do not know the bad effect of smoking.

Myself: smoking causes different fatal diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis; blood pressure etc. besides, it harms not only you but also others who are non-smoking.

Brother: oh my god; I will never do so.

Myself: thank you

Brother: same to you.

Write A Telephone Conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter

At dead of night, you were awakened by the screaming of your neighbors. A fire broke out at the next door. You made a phone call to the nearest fire station. Write a telephone conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter.
Myself: Hello, is it a fire station?

Firefighter: Yes, how can we help you?

Myself: Actually I am living at 30 RM Das Road, Sutrapur. A dreadful fire broke out in the next door.

Firefighter: Before our arrival, you along with others should try to extinguish the fire by pouring down water into it.

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Myself: Yes, our neighbors are trying to extinguish the fire.

Firefighter: I have already informed the fire brigades of it. There are coming to help you.

Myself: Can we feel assured?

Firefighter: Of course, it is our bounded responsibility to render service to all the endangered people.

Myself: Thank you very much.

Firefighter: Welcome.

Write A Dialogue 100 Words Between You And Your Friend’s Mother

Suppose, you saw a woman lying upside down in the road. She looked like the grandmother of your friend. You rushed to your friend’s home and talked to his mother. Write a dialogue 100 words between you and your friend’s mother.

Myself: Aunty, don’t you keep any whereabouts of a grandmother?

Friend’s mother: What happened to her again?

Myself: I saw a woman lying upside down on the road. 

Friend’s mother: So what?

Myself: She looked like a grandmother.

Friend’s mother: Your inference is wrong. She is now lying on the bed. You can meet her.

Myself: Her appearance seemed to be as like as grandmother.

Friend’s mother: Similar appearance are embarrassing and confusing.

Myself: That is why I felt embarrassed and confused.

Friend’s mother: Thank you for your response.

Myself: Welcome.