Tuesday, June 12, 2018

write a letter to your father informing your mental reaction about it

Suppose, your result of the Junior Scholarship Examination is published. And you got talent pool scholarship in it. Now, write a letter to your father informing your mental reaction about it.


Sakhipur, Tangail
26 December, 2018

Dear Father,

Take my Salam at first. Hope you all are well and hearty by the grace of Allah. I am also very well now. You all will be glad to know that my result of the Junior Scholar ship Examination  has been published and I have got talent pool scholarship. It is a great achievement for me. I am so happy that I cannot express it in words. You know I have studied so hard for a long time to achieve such a success.

Now my long cherished hope has come true. I feel like flying in the open sky. Especially when my teachers and classmates are congratulating me, my joys know no bound from this achievement. The confidence in me is rising higher; I think this will help me do better in future exams.

No more today. Convey my regards to the elders and love to the youngers.

Yours affectionately

write a letter to her expressing sympathy for him the accident actually happened


Imagine you are Masum, Masuma living in Chittagong. Your friend Salam/ Salma lives in Rajshahi. He/ she had an accident while coming back from school. He/ she fell off from his. Her rickshaw and broke and broke his/ her right arm/ leg and the rickshaw was also damaged. Now, write a letter to ho, her expressing sympathy for him, her and to know how the accident actually happened.

Halishahar Chittagong
15 January 2018


Dear Salam/ Salma,

I have just received your letter. Through the letter I have come to know that you have recently fallen in an accident while coming back from school. You wrote that you had fallen off from rickshaw and broken your right arm/ leg. The rickshaw was also damaged.

I am sure that you are now passing a critical moment. I have also got very upset. Be cautious while undergoing any journey. It could be a major accident. Please tell me in detail how the accident actually happened. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
No more today. With ardent sympathy to you and your family.

Yours ever
Masum/ Masuma

Monday, June 11, 2018

letter to friends invite him/her to attend my birthday party

Suppose, you are Sumon/ Sumona of 32/C, Station Road, Comilla. You are going to celebrate your 14th birthday on the 28th December, 2008. You have decided to invite some of your friends. Now write a letter to Shamim/ Shamima, one of your friends, who lives at Agarabad in Chittagong and invite him/ her to attend your birthday party.

32/C, Station Road, Comilla
20 December 2018

Dear Shamim,

It is long since I met you in our school where you came on the occasion of prize ceremony. Anyways, hoping you to be quite well. I’ve heard of you from your parent that you are doing well in your school. However, you know coming 28th December is my birthday. It is my 14th birthday. I’ve made up my mind to celebrate it with all of my friends. I’ve already invited some of my bosom friends. You know without your presence my birthday ceremony would be faint.

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So I expect you at the celebration firmly. Definitely your presence will make the ceremony stunning. So come without fail two days prior to the occasion. Convey the best regards to your parents and love and affection to the younger.

 Yours cordially

Sunday, June 10, 2018

write a letter to her telling that you are quite well and are going home next month

Suppose, you are studying in Dhaka. You do not go home for three months. You mother is very anxious of you. Now, write a letter to her telling that you are quite well and are going home next month.

Mohakhali, Dhaka-1200
26 August 2018
Dear Mother,

I know, you are very anxious about me as I did not write to you for many days. Actually I was so busy so busy with my studies that could not manage time to write for you. You should be free from anxiety as I am quite well. And I am coming home next month by the grace of almighty Lord. You will cook Hilsa for me. Besides, you will make payes and pudding for me.

No more today. More when I will come back to residence. Don’t forget to take care of your health.

Yours affectionately

A Draft informing him to follow them to keep in good health

Suppose, you are ‘Roni’ and your younger brother is ‘Joni’ and he does not know the rules of health to follow. Now, draft a letter informing him to follow them to keep in good health.

2/3 Kagozitola, Dhaka-1100
26 May, 2018
Dear Joni,

How do you feel today? I don’t think, you feel well today as you do not follow the rules of health. But I feel fine as I always abide by the rules of health. It is your bounden responsibility to follow the rules of health to keep in good health. To keep in good health, you need to take regular physical exercise, balanced diet, rest and maintain cleanliness. Otherwise you cannot preserve you health.

I hope, you will follow the rules of health and keep in safe and sound body.

Yours affectionately

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Letter To Telling Pen Friend about the Natural Beauty of Bangladesh


Suppose, you have been a pen-friend in Paris. He has keen interest to know about the natural beauty of your country. Now, write a letter to him telling about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.


Road #2 Sector #3 House #81
Uttara, Dhaka
21 March, 2018

Dear Henry,

 How are you? Definitely you are hale and hearty by the blessings of almighty God. I am also well by his grace. However, from your last letter I have come to learn that you are eager to know about the natural beauty of our country. Well, our country Bangladesh is adorned with flora and fauna. She is crises-crossed by plenty of river and canals. Many fishes are found here. Her land is fertile and alluvial/ various crops are grown here and country assumer golden color.

She is also surrounded with forest land. Birds and animals are available here. Birds chirps and sing beautiful songs and make us romantic. Tees and plants bear fruits and flowers. Fruits satisfy our physical hunger and flowers make environment attractive. Enjoying the natural beauty of our country one fells like composing poems. By observing the natural beauty and charm, one’s mind is full of romanticism.

Therefore, you will feel encouraged to visit our land, no doubt.
 No more today. More when I will write to you again. Convey my compliments to dear uncle and aunt.

Yours ever


write a letter to sympathy to your ailing friend in hospital

Suppose, your friend Ratan/ Ranta of 50, Green Road, Dhaka has become seriously ill and he/ she has been hospitalized. Your examination is very near. So it is not possible for you to visit him/ her in the hospital. Now, write a letter of sympathy t your ailing friend in hospital.


Panjia, Jessore-7450
12 December, 2018

Dear Ratan/ Ratna

 Your letter is just at hand. Though this, I come to know about your serious illness. I am really shocked to know this. I feel if I had the wing of a bird I would fly to you just now. But it is an irony of date that my final examination is knocking at the door. So inspire of having ardent feeling, I am unable to visit you in the hospital. In fat I feel undone for this. But don’t be upset and hopeless. You know everyone in the world has passed such a situation.

Be optimistic. Take the medicine your doctor has prescribed you. Abide by the suggestion and advice of the doctor as well as of your parents. You are nice boy /girl. So Allah will surely take pity on you and help you come round soon. Just be patient. I think we will meet very soon whenever my exam finishes. I hope then you will be fully cured.

No more now.
Convey my best regards to uncle and aunt and love to the younger.

Yours ever
Mustofa Wasif (Rupom)