Sunday, December 16, 2018

Write A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Climate Change

Arif: How are you, friend?

Rakib: I'm fine. But I'm so sorry for being late.

Arif: No problem. Today I would like to talk to you about climate change.

Rakib: Actually it is a burning issue at this moment in our country and all over the world.

Arif: But what does climate change mean?

Rakib: Climate change is, a long-term change in the weather patterns that might have started from decades to millions of years before. It is a change in the average weather conditions like greater, fewer extreme weather events.

Arif: What are the causes of climate change? Rakib: Global warming is the main cause of it. Destruction of forests, too many traffics in city streets, the rapid growth of industries, the increase of carbon dioxide, methane, use of CFC, use of detergents etc are main causes of it,

Arif: Where does it affect, friend?

Rakib: It may affect a specific region or it may occur across the whole world. And in fact, it has been affecting. almost the whole world. Our environment is getting polluted gradually. So, the global climate is also changing.

Arif: Dear friend, what else does it affect?

Rakib: Well, it also affects human health, quality of water, air and food, industry, human settlements etc.

Arif: What is the condition of Bangladesh in this respect?

Rakib: Bangladesh is one of the worst victims of climate change, though rich countries are the main culprits.

Arif: How can we reduce climate change?

Rakib: We can reduce climate change by stopping the above causes, like stopping deforestation, emitting less heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere etc. The rich countries should play dominant roles as they are mostly responsible for this change.

Arif: Thank you, friend, for your nice information.

Rakib: Welcome. Bye, take care.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Write A Dialogue in 100 Words Between Mother and Daughter Over the Cellular Phone

Suppose, you are Fatema and now you are in the college when your mother has given you a phone call. Now write a dialogue in 100 words between mother and daughter over the cellular phone.

Mother: Hello Fatema!

Daughter: Hello Mummy! How are you?

Mother: I am nice, what about you?

Daughter: Pretty well, mummy! Do not worry.

Mother: where are you now? When’ll you get back?

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Daughter: I'm now in my classroom. I’ll get back by 3.30 am.

Mother: don’t delay. Do come as early as possible.

Daughter: OK, Mum. You do have your lunch. Don’t wait for me.

Mother: Alright, goodbye.

Write A Dialogue In 100 Words Between You And Your Mother

Suppose, you were a passenger of the airplane which was going to crash into the Town Tower. You somehow managed to talk to your mother over the mobile phone. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your mother.
Myself: Hello Mum, how are you?

Mother: I am well. What about you?

Myself: I am going to say goodbye to you forever.

Mother: what nonsense are you taking?

Myself: It is sensible; our plane is going to crash into the Twin Tower very soon.

Mother: Oh, my child, without you I cannot survive on earth.

Myself: Do not be so emotional. Take it easy.

Mother: how can I take it easy?

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Myself: Mum, this is predestined.

Mother: Sweet my child I live for thee.

Myself: Mum, you must take my destiny.

Mother: I feel like crying.

Myself: I will meet you hereafter, good-bye.

Mother: May your soul rest in peace.

Write A Dialogue in 100 Words Between You and Your Younger Brother

You discovered that your younger brother trying smoking. You knew that you had to stop him. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your younger brother.
Myself: my sweet little brother, what the hell were you doing with your friends?

Brother: my friends instigated me to smoke. Sorry, I will not do so anymore.

Myself: you must give up the bad company.

Brother: okay, I will do so.

Myself: by smoking cigarettes, you were going to destroy your life.

Brother: Actually, I do not know the bad effect of smoking.

Myself: smoking causes different fatal diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis; blood pressure etc. besides, it harms not only you but also others who are non-smoking.

Brother: oh my god; I will never do so.

Myself: thank you

Brother: same to you.

Write A Telephone Conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter

At dead of night, you were awakened by the screaming of your neighbors. A fire broke out at the next door. You made a phone call to the nearest fire station. Write a telephone conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter.
Myself: Hello, is it a fire station?

Firefighter: Yes, how can we help you?

Myself: Actually I am living at 30 RM Das Road, Sutrapur. A dreadful fire broke out in the next door.

Firefighter: Before our arrival, you along with others should try to extinguish the fire by pouring down water into it.

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Myself: Yes, our neighbors are trying to extinguish the fire.

Firefighter: I have already informed the fire brigades of it. There are coming to help you.

Myself: Can we feel assured?

Firefighter: Of course, it is our bounded responsibility to render service to all the endangered people.

Myself: Thank you very much.

Firefighter: Welcome.

Write A Dialogue 100 Words Between You And Your Friend’s Mother

Suppose, you saw a woman lying upside down in the road. She looked like the grandmother of your friend. You rushed to your friend’s home and talked to his mother. Write a dialogue 100 words between you and your friend’s mother.

Myself: Aunty, don’t you keep any whereabouts of a grandmother?

Friend’s mother: What happened to her again?

Myself: I saw a woman lying upside down on the road. 

Friend’s mother: So what?

Myself: She looked like a grandmother.

Friend’s mother: Your inference is wrong. She is now lying on the bed. You can meet her.

Myself: Her appearance seemed to be as like as grandmother.

Friend’s mother: Similar appearance are embarrassing and confusing.

Myself: That is why I felt embarrassed and confused.

Friend’s mother: Thank you for your response.

Myself: Welcome.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Write a letter about how your school is different from your friend's school

 3 Nilkhet
Dhaka - 1217
25 February 2015

Dear Sadek
Thank you for your letter to know the difference between your school and my school. I am telling you about the difference between the two schools.

My school is a very old one. But your school is new. 2500 students read in my school. But your school has only 300 students. The result of our school is very good.

Most of the students obtain A grade and a few students obtain GPA 5 every year. The rate of pass is hundred percent. But your school does not have such a brilliant result.

We have a lot of facilities in the common room. • We have a well-equipped library. There is a Shaheed Minar in our school. It has an auditorium too. But in your school, you do not have any of these things. Our students are very good at various co-curricular activities for which we have a lot of opportunities, care, and training. But in your school, you have very inadequate opportunities for co-curricular activities.
That's all for today. More when we meet.
I am fine.
Yours sincerely Rakib El
Draw an envelope with address