Monday, January 22, 2018

Paragraph on The Rose

Write a paragraph about ‘The Rose’ on the basis of the following question:

The Rose


(a) What is a moonlit night? (b) How many different sizes and colors of the rose are there? (c) Why is the rose called “The Queen of Flower” (d) What is the economic value of the rose? (e) What is the lifetime of the rose?


The rose is the loveliest of all flowers. It looks very beautiful. It makes our environment attractive. As it spread sweet scent, environment become fragrant. The rose is of different sizes and colors. Some sores are big while the others ae small. Most of the roses are rosy. But some roses are white while the others are red or black. The rose is called the queen of flower because of having the loveliest features. It is of great use to us. It is gifted to friends and lovers as a token of friendship and love. House are decorated with roses on different occasions. By cultivating and selling roses some people in our country earn their bread and butter. So the rose is of great economic value. It can be compared to the lives of human beings because of being short live. A bloomed rose withers away within one or two days. So the life time of the rose is very limited. 

Paragraph on My Best Friend

Write a paragraph about ‘My Best Friend’ on the basis of the following question:


 (a) Who is your best friend?  (b) How does she behave with his/ her classmates? (c) How does he behave with others? (d) Why do you like him/ her? (e) What have you learned from him/ her?

My Best Friends

I have lots of friends. I am very much h fond of them. Of them, Tahsan is my best friend. He is also my classmates. He deeply feels for the weak students of the class. His behavior with others is praiseworthy. He respects his teachers and superiors. He deeply feels for the weak students of the classmate. He's free minded and never speaks as sick of others. I like him most for gentility and co-operative mood. I have learned many important things from him. I have learned how to keep fit and prepare lessons swiftly from him. Without these, I have learned the value of time, co-operative, truthfulness and punctuality from him. All on, he is a blessing to me and I am very much happy and proud of having such a best friend.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paragraph on A Tea Stall

Write a paragraph in about 150 words about ‘A Tea Stall’ by answering question:


(a) What do you mean by it? / What is a tea stall? (b) What does it contain & sell? (c) Where is it generally situated? (d) How does it contain its function? (e) How is it decorated? (f) Why it is important? (g) How does it serve people? (h) Why is called “mini Sangsad”? (i) What is your suggestion for it?

A Tea Stall

A tea stall is common sight either in a town or in a village hat. It is a small shop where mainly tea is served. Biscuits, cakes, pieces of bread, bananas, cigarettes and betel leaves are also sold here. It is usually situated in a crowded place. So it is found in a marketplace, a bus stand, a railway station tea stall. He serves tea to the customers. A tea stall opens early in the morning. It is kept open until late hours at night. So one can have tea here at any time. Besides, it is a place where friends are seen gossiping. Peoples also exchange their views and ideas sitting in a tea stall. They discuss about their internal problems, political issues and so on. This is why it is called a mini Sangsad. The has now become the popular drink. So a tea stall is of great service. 

Paragraph on A Postman

Write a paragraph about ‘A Post Man’ on the basis of the following question:


(a) what is a mail carrier? (b) What does he wear and carry? (c) How does he discharge his duties? (e) What is his position in the society?


A Postman

A postal worker is a person who delivers letters, parcels, money order and other postal articles to us. He is a very familiar figure. He wears a khaki dress and a turban on his head. He carries a bag containing letters, parcels, money orders and others and postal articles. He brings good news and sometimes ill. A postman has a particular are to do his duty. He goes from one hour to another deliver postal items. He discharges his duties very sincerely. His daily duty begins in the post officer. There he sorts postal items, he takes signature of the receivers. He goes from house to house even in fair or foul weather. He has to walk a long distance to discharge his duty. Sometimes he goes to his beat by riding a by-cycle. Though he renders great service to the society, he gets very poor salary. So most often he leads a very poor life. Considering his great service he should be given good salary. 

Paragraph on A Picnic I have Made/ Enjoyed

Write a paragraph about ‘A Picnic you have enjoyed’ on the basis of the following question:


(a) On what occasion did you make the picnic? (b) What was the venue? (c) How many of you went to the picnic? (d) How did you go there? (e) When did you start? (f) How did you cook your food? (g) How did you enjoy there?

A picnic I have made/enjoyed

A picnic is always pleasant. It removes the monotony of our routine work. Recently I have enjoyed such a picnic. It was arranged on the occasion of our winter vacation. The students of class VIII decided to arrange a picnic. The venue was Madhupur Gaph. Our teachers selected the spot because it is a place of historical interest. We were forty in numbers. Two of our teachers accompanied us. We set out journey at 8 am by a bus. We enjoyed the bus journey very much. We sans song and made a lot of fun all the way. We reached there at 11 am. After reaching there, we took some light refreshment. 

Then we started our cooking. We took all the cooking arrangement with us. Then of us took part in cooking. We made three holes on the ground. We used them as Chula. As a fuel, we used firewood. It took us two hours to cook food. Then we ate to our hearts’ content. After that, we visited the area in groups we enjoyed natural beauty there. Two of our friend's guitar and flute. We also sang a song. At about 5 pm we started return journey. I enjoyed the picnic to a great extent. 

Paragraph on A Moonlit Night

Write a paragraph about ‘A Moonlit night’ on the basis of the following question:

Question: (a) What is moonlit night? (b) How us a moonlit night? (c) What do people feel on a moonlit night? (d) How does nature look on a moonlit night? (e) what do people do on a moonlit night? 


A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is a night when the moon shines fully. Such a night is really charming and enjoyable. It presents a fascinating sight. Its glamorous beauty soothes our eyes. The whole nature wears a stunning look. The water of the rivers, canals, ponds and tanks smiles when the silvery light of the moon falls on them. On a moonlit night, the moon looks like disc of gold. The mood plays hide and seeks behind the clouds. Twinkling stars surrounding the moon make the sky a fairyland. People of all ages enjoy a moonlit night. Boys and girls make merriment. The young and old pass some hours by gossiping and telling stories. Poets and artists find themes of their work. Lower animals also do not sit idly. Birds come out of the nests. The animals wander here and there. In fact, a moonlit night is a night of beauty and joy.

Paragraph on A day Laborer

Write a paragraph about ‘A day laborer’ on the basis of the following question:

Question: (a) Who is a day laborer? (b) What are his daily activities? (c) What are his pleasant and pains?


A day Laborer

A day laborer is one who does have any permanent work. He usually earns his daily living by doing hard work. He gets up early in the morning and goes out in quest of work. He works hard from dawn to dust and gets wages at the end of the work. Then he goes to Bazer to buy his daily necessaries. He has worked hard in various fields. He always dependent on his employer. On some days, he earns and he and his family can eat well.

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It is a happy day for them. But this does not happen regularly. Some days he does not find any work. Then he hands his family have to go without food, so sorrows and suffering are his family companions. He does not know what is joy and happiness. He earns his living by the seat of his brow. But he is ill pained and very much neglected. Sometimes they maltreated. But the service of a day laborer is of great importance. So we should show due respect to them.